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Gospel Advocates, Inc. is a Christian ministry devoted to supporting public evangelism. Through EDUCATION, TRAINING and INTERVENTION, our purpose is to encourage and equip Christians to publicly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to provide legal intervention as needed in support of the Christian witnesses’ constitutional rights under the First Amendment.

EDUCATION: We distribute educational materials regarding the constitutional right of free speech under the U.S. Constitution; and we conduct seminars on public evangelism under the First Amendment. Our programs include both Biblical principles and legal/constitutional principles. We also serve as a resource to answer questions about public evangelism and First Amendment law.

TRAINING: Our training programs go beyond the Biblical basis for public evangelism and the constitutional right of free speech, and focus on the practical “how to” side of public ministry. We cover the “do’s and don’ts” from both a legal perspective and a Biblical perspective. Our goal is to train Christians to be effective witnesses while maintaining a good public testimony. We also will take groups out to public places and provide on-site guidance and instruction for public gospel meetings.

INTERVENTION: When conflicts arise with law enforcement or local officials over the right to present the gospel in a public place, we can provide the following intervention services: We can provide advice and instruction regarding how to deal with the local authorities; we can contact the local authorities to educate them and attempt to resolve the matter amicably; or we can take formal legal action to defend your constitutional rights.


First Amendment booklet download
Click here to download Public Evangelism Under The First Amendment, Fourth Edition – This booklet is written to provide churches and individuals with a comprehensive overview of their First Amendment rights regarding the public proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This work will help every Christian witness to avoid legal conflicts or to handle them properly should they arise.


Case Sheet download
Click here to download a Case Sheet for evangelism at public events. This is a one-page quick reference guide to applicable case law that can be shown to authorities who challenge your First Amendment right to proclaim The Gospel at public events.


Guide for Dealing With Police download
Click here to download a Guide to Handling Police Encounters During Public Evangelism. This is a one-page guide with specific suggestions for how to conduct yourself and what to say when confronted by Police who attempt to prohibit or curtail your lawful public evangelism activities.


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